Redbox Instant Video + Xbox 360 Get Boxed Together!

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Redbox Instant will soon be making its way to the Xbox 360 along with the “gaming and entertainment console launch partner.” So if you have the beta for Redbox Instant you should check your email as you should be getting mail very soon.

The disc/streaming service comes with a cost of $6 per month for streaming and $8 each month for 4 DVDs from the Redbox Kiosk along with unlimited streaming, or $9 for all of the above along with Blu-ray.

The app for the Xbox provides users with access to all the new releases, even if you don’t subscribe. It will also support gestures with Kinect. If you are considering looking at it you can get the first month totally free.

This is exciting news and will mean that its successor, the Xbox 720, will likely carry on with the same privilege which should give it a leg up against rivals like the Nintendo Wii U and Sony PS3 / PS4.

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