Red Dead Redemption Xbox One: A Sweet Mistake

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It was a happy day for Red Dead Redemption fans when the game was made available on the Xbox One via the backward compatibility but Microsoft had to come in and spoil it all by removing the game soon after.

It turns out Microsoft made a big mistake and had accidentally released the Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox One without intending too. According to Microsoft, the games were made available when they were doing some quality testing on the older Xbox games and had accidentally added in the Red Dead Redemption. Maybe they will release the game again in the future. Well, at least, some of us got to enjoy the game while it was on there.

If you missed out on the game, do not worry because Microsoft has more to come. They have just released a few more games for the Xbox One via the backwards compatibility. Xbox One player will now get to play games like Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament.

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