Red Dead Redemption On Xbox One: Definitely Not Redeeming Its Sins

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People were confused; but a good confused, when they found out that Red Dead Redemption was somehow made available to be played on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. Then they got excited, but back to being confused again. That’s because the game was only made available for a short while, before Microsoft decided to lock it down. Bad move, Microsoft, bad move.

It seems that they have a legitimate reasoning behind the surprising appearance of the game made available all of a sudden. According to Microsoft, they were testing all Xbos 360 games with their emulator to ensure quality experience across their range of titles, only to find out they’ve accidentally made some titles available without prior notice.

Not sure if that’s convincing enough, but it does smell fishy for some strange reason. And since they made that shocking discovery, they’ve decided to remove the game (again, without prior notice) but also apologize for it to even be happening. What we can say is we’d rather let the confusion consume us so that we’ll have access to play the game to our heart’s content.

Is that even wrong to think that way?

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