Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Shake Things Up

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We are loved what Red Dead Redemption had to offer and now that Take-Two is ready to release the new Red Dead Redemption 2, they are ready to hype up the fans by saying that the new game would redefine the gaming industry.

Of course, they did not explain how the new Red Dead Redemption 2 game would actually redefine the gaming industry but Rockstar did add that the game will have a new and innovative multiplayer mode so most poeple believe that they might have something new and different to offer on their Multiplayer mode. Of course, whether it really changes the industry will have to be decided when the game actually arrives.

While Rockstar thinks that Red Dead Redemption 2 will do well, they do not think that it will overtake GTA V as their best selling game. The new Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming in as the prequel to the previous game and will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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