ReCore Looks To Zelda For Gameplay

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ReCore arrived on September 13 for the PC and Xbox One and it looks like the developers looked to Zelda when it came to gameplay. We say this in regards to nostalgia, and no we are not having a go at the outdated graphics.

ReCore is along the same lines as a cross between Zelda with Mega Man and Metroid. Of course you would expect the latter two to show up as after all the game is from the same people who made Metroid and Mega Man. The shooting along with platform parts have us thinking Mega Man and the mechanics for the shooting when you lock on remind us of Metroid Prime.

But what might surprise you with ReCore is how much it has in common with Zelda, more so with the structure of the game where you walk around dungeons and you have to solve puzzles to unlock doors along with fighting enemies and then fighting the boss man.

ReCore does happen to have more RPG mechanics of course, but just as with Zelda gamers get rewards by finding rare items so that they can upgrade robot companions.

So if you are looking for a game that is a cross between Zelda, Mega Man and Metroid, ReCore might be just what you are looking for. It is a fun game to play, despite there being some technical woes.

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