Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: What To Expect?

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Rebal Galaxy was released back in 2015 and now the developer has a sequel ready. Called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the game will now have a lot more to offer. Here is what you can expect from the sequel.

According to the developers, players will get dogfights and more to do at space stations. Instead of a nameless pilot, the game will now have a main character as well and that will also mean a more detailed dialogue system.

From the video, we can see that the pilot actually has more life to her now as she reacts to what is happening in her surroundings. We also got to see the custom ship-painting feature which will allow players to import an image and use that as a stencil. After painting your ship, you can even choose to buy a 3D-printed model with that custom paint job.

What do you think of the sequel so far?

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