Raspberry Pi 3: Tops Benchmark Tests Against Older Siblings

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The Raspberry Pi 3 is few days old now and it’s already garnering more attention than intended. And while the obvious highlight here would be its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there’s also another selling point whereby the mini-computer turns out to be faster than its predecessors have ever been.

People have started to benchmark the Pi 3 against the Pi 2 and the Pi 1 (Model B+), to see how their speed differs from one another. In comparison with the older siblings, the Pi 3 takes the shortest time to boot up, which is certainly expected (at 17 seconds tops). Sure, it may seem only a little bump, but they’ve still improved nonetheless.

Then, there are CPU tests conducted via SysBench to indicate the prime numbers which sets them apart from each other. It’s worth mentioning that the Pi 3 is nearly three times faster than the B+ with one core, and about 60% faster than the Pi 2. Check out the graph below for a full view of how it’s like to beat among the rest.


As for the memory workload tests, you don’t have to keep guessing because Pi 3 takes the cake again. Since SysBench is used again here, you can expect for an allocation to the memory buffer, which then tests and write speeds. It’s clear that the Pi 3 outperforms the rest by a big margin, but you’d probably wouldn’t really notice the difference in the real world, though.

graph 2

These are just some of the tests conducted to see how well the Pi 3 fares against its own siblings. But at least it’s a good start to see how far they’ve come in improving their credit-card-sized computer with a solid purpose.

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