Range Rover: Strap In Or You Might Get Thrown Out

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Not only must the driver and front passenger strap in when they get in the Range Rover but those in the back might want to do so as well if they don’t want to get flung out from the vehicle.

Land Rover issues a recall a few years ago when reports of the Range Rover’s door opening mid-drive started popping up. The recall resulted in a software update that Land Rover said would fix the issue but now, new reports are claiming that the doors will still open on its own when driving.

NHTSA is looking into the matter now to see if the claims are true. If it is, Land Rover might have to issue a recall for the second time to get it fixed. The recall affected 65,370 units of Range Rovers and Range Rovers Sport from 2013-2016.

While we wait for the results to come out, you might want to make sure everybody is strapped on tight.

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