Ram 1500 Can’t Handle The Cold

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It is not that the Ram 1500 was not build to handle colder weather but it is the salt that is used to melt the ice on the road that is causing Ram so much problem.

A notice has been issued by FCA to recall back some of the older Ram 1500 after it was discovered that the salt on the road could corrode the bracket that holds the fuel tank in place, if that happens, the plastic tank could slip out of position.

FCA will be recalling 300,000 units of the pickup truck this time. Those recalled will be getting an additional fuel tank bracket that will be bolted to the frame. Those affected will be the 2009 to 2012 Ram 1500 models from the salt belt states.

According to FCA, the remaining structural components of the Ram 1500 would ensure that the fuel tank does not fall off completely but the additional bracket should help further secure the fuel tank.

Recalls will start on the 27th of April 2018.

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