Rainbow Six Siege Fans Frustration Not Being Ignored

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The fans definitely let the developers know that they were all unhappy with all the changes that Rainbow Six Siege made to the game last week and finally, Ubisoft heard them and is now working to make it up to the fans.

Ubisoft reveals their plans to address the new issues and that includes offering the Ash Sidewinder Elite skin free to all Siege players who log an online match before the 6th of March. The skin will appear in your inventory once the Year 3 Season 1 event begins.

Ubisoft also announces that the Standard Edition will stay at the current price. The initial plan was to phase out the $40 edition and focus only on the Advanced Edition which will cost $20 more.

Not all issues have been addressed yet so hopefully, we will hear more from Ubisoft soon including how players will get the Operators with the Standard Edition.

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