Rage 2 Give Open World Another Go

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When id Software first announces the game Rage, all of us thought that it would be the open world game that everybody will be talking about but the game was mostly forgotten when it was launch but clearly id Software think that the game still has more to offer as they announce Rage 2.

The new game will be set 30 years after the events of the first game. The developers also plan to freshen things up by giving the game a more vibrant and appealing post-apocalyptic setting. Working with Mad Max developer Avalanche Studio, the new game should have a nice mix of open-world thrills and action.

According to the developers, Rage 2 would be the game they had envisioned because they won’t be held back by the technology anymore. While Rage was an open world game, it still had to load in different level but with Rage 2, everything is open so there won’t be any loading.

Do you plan to give Rage 2 another chance?

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