Qualcomm To Open The Smartwatch Floodgates!

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Despite all the rumours about smartphone manufacturers working on smartwatches for 2018, we have not seen much of them so far and it might be because they have all been waiting for Qualcomm to make the announcement?

Qualcomm tweeted on an image with the caption “It’s Time” with an image of a watch which clearly shows that they are ready to talk about their new chip built specifically for smartwatches. They did say that they will be revealing it this year so this was not a huge surprise.

What was not revealed was the brands that would be using those chips in their smartwatches but most people believe brands like LG and Fossil Group will most likely be on board? Then there is also Google who many believe will be releasing a Pixel-branded smartwatch soon.

The announcement for the new Qualcomm chip will be happening on the 10th of September so mark your calendar.