Quake Champions: How To Get It For Free

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Quake Champions will not be arriving anytime soon but there is a beta version out there where players can try out. Previously, players will need to pay $30 to get the early access version of the game but it will now be offered for free.

According to Bethesda, the game is now free to play until the 25th of June and the good news is that if you download the game before the 25th of June, you will be able to continue playing the game forever for free.

The early access version will get you access to the game but you won’t get all of the titular Champions. If you want those, you will need to get the Champions Pack which cost $30 but for now, it will be offered at a discounted price for $19.79.

Quake Champions is an fps game that will be released on PC only for now but there is still a chance that it might be released on the other platforms in the future.

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