PUBG Updates: What Changes Can We Expect?

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PUBG PC will be getting a new updated that will not only help fix some of the bugs that the game has right now but it will also bring in some new contents to the game.

According to the patch notes, the new update will include a new mode, new weapon, vehicles, weapon attachment, a new reward system as well as some multiplayer improvements. Players can expect to find a new training mode to allow them to practice without having to watch their back.

The training will be contained in a small island with 14 zones so that players can try out different skills including jumping off ramps in vehicles, controlling vehicle speed, piloting a boat, driving off-road, shooting with different weapons, landing in a parachute and more.

The developer will also introduce the new assault rifle MK47 Mutant. Sanhok will also get a new three-person vehicle called Tukashai. The full patch notes have been released so players can head to the website to see what Update 21 has to offer.

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