PUBG PS4 & Xbox One To Get Bots

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been around for so long that some new players might feel intimidated if they were asked to join in the game now. To encourage new players to give the game a shot, the developers have decided to add bots to the game.

The bots will be added as the update 7.1. Those that are more experience will have a lower chance of meeting bots in the marches while those that are struggling will be matched with bots which means new players or players that are less skillful will go up against hosts while those that are good will face real opponents.

According to the developer, the bots will be able to navigate through dangerous areas like a normal player and will even target specific items as loot so that players will be rewarded when they take them down.

What do you think of the game getting some bots?