PUBG Gets Halloween Items In New Update

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The Xbox One PUBG will be getting an update to match what the PC version got in the last update but on top of that, it will also be getting some limited-time Halloween-theme skins too.

The update will come with two new weapons, the MK47 Mutant, an assault rifle that can be found on Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. The weapon is ideal for mid-to-long range combat. Then there is the Beryl M762 which is an assault rifle that can be found on all three maps. It has a higher fire rate which makes it better for close-range combat.

Sanhok will get a new vehicle, a shooter and a Tukshai which sits three people. As for the seven Halloween-themed items and costumes, those will be in the game until the 20th of November. You can get the haunted pumpkin mask for free when you log into the lobby.

PUBG is also giving their fans free items and BP as long as they log in next week. This is to compensate for the longer than expected update.

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