PUBG Fans Missed Out On Time With War Mode

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The latest limited-time event for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been shut down shortly after it began and fans were left feeling devastated.

Soon after the new War Mode was released, PUBG Corp announces on Twitter that the special event will be shut down as it was the reason why the game was having some server issue.

The server issue begins shortly after War Mode kicked off. After taking the game offline for an hour, the developer realizes that it was the new mode that is causing the instability and has decided to shut down the event before it was time.

Fans are hoping that PUBG Corp will eventually bring War Mode back to the rotation but PUBG Corp has not announced anything that would indicate that War Mode could be coming back in the near future.

War Mode plays similar to Team Deathmatch where 10 teams consisting of five players get to play against each other on Miramar. The first team to reach 200 points wins. Unlike the usual game, players can respawn in War Mode.

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