PUBG Apologize To Players By Giving Free Battle Points

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PUBG Corp has been trying to keep things clean in their game PUBG and has been taking necessary steps to stop players from cheating and ruining the game for others but a flaw in the system led to some innocence players getting banned from the game.

According to the studio, they have made eliminating hackers and cheaters their main priority and while most of the accounts they remove are hackers and cheaters they were also a number of players that were improperly banned.

To compensate the players for the mistake, PUBG Corp will be offering 20,000 BP to affected users. The BP will be automatically entered into the accounts of those affected players.

PUBG Corp also added that they will continue to improve so that mistake like this won’t happen again. Players can also look forward to the next update which will be happening on the 22nd of June.

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