PS4K vs Xbox Net: Fight!

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There is a lot of talk going around about the upcoming versions of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the Xbox Net and the PS4K. But if they become reality, which of the two would triumph?

It has been said that the PS4K will not in fact offer 4K right from the start of the launch. But on saying this it will be a huge step up from the console that is out at the moment. The console should offer better graphics and allow it should be more efficient in running.

But whether it would allow gamers to play games they already own on the PS4 is one question on the lips of gamers. This may be a big deciding factor of people considering updating their consoles who have bought many games for the PS4. If the system is updated a great deal then older games may be downscaled.

Perhaps the PS4K and Xbox Net would allow gamers to allow smooth playing games at frames of 1080p at 60fps or 1080p at 30 frames per second, without issues and dropped frames.

It has been suggested that the Xbox Net may converge into one platform and this may mean that consoles will run under the umbrella of Windows 10. If so we may see swappable components when the new Xbox makes its way out and it should be compatible with Oculus Rift VR and Hololens.

The PS4K will compete with Microsoft and they are going to have to offer up something that allows them to do so. We are not expecting to hear anything about the PS4K this year, but they will be working on the new console in the background to come up with something superb. They will also want to keep ahead of the PC games, which they need to keep in-line with. Therefore the console may launch after the Xbox Net, but it may be worth waiting for.

For now the debate about which of the two consoles will be the best, the Xbox Net or the PS4K, will continue.

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