PS4 Steals Spotlight But Xbox 720 Just 60 Days Shy

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Sony made the announcement about their next generation console, the PS4, and now rumours are going around that Microsoft will soon be following with the announcement of their Xbox. It was thought that Microsoft may be waiting until June at the E3 to release their console, however it may come earlier.

We didn’t manage to see the hardware of the PS4 at the event on 20th of February, however Sony did show people numerous reasons why they should go out and buy the new console when it arrives.

Microsoft of course mocked Sony and their choice to not show the console, but can Microsoft show them how it should have been done, as there are rumours going around that they will reveal the Xbox 720 on 26th of April.

There are rumours on Twitter saying that Rob Crossley had been told of the date from a source that was close to Microsoft, of course this could have been a tactic from Microsoft to drive attention away from the PS4 event held by Sony. Can Microsoft deliver a console that will match the Sony’s when it comes to hardware features, or could they go beyond it and the Xbox 720 may be the best out of the two next generation consoles?

Fans of the Xbox 360 will of course want to see the console on stage and after Microsoft made a dig at Sony, surely they will not have the cheek to pull off a similar stunt during their event. It is almost certain that Kinect will have an upgrade, and of course it will be very interesting to see what the specs of the Microsoft console are and whether they could match the 8 GB of RAM of the Sony console.

Would you like to see the Xbox event earlier from Microsoft? And what do you want to see from the next generation console now we have seen what Sony has to offer with their PS4?

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