Apple iOS Destroying PS4 & Xbox 720 Hilarious

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The unveiling of the PS4 is said to be just a week away and games fans are very excited. Gamers and analysts cannot wait to find out if the PS4 and the Xbox 720 will be just as popular as the consoles that came before it. There has been some very crazy rumours about one device being better than the other, however the rumour about the PS4 and Xbox 720 being killed off by Apple TV is one of the funniest.

The recent update to Apple TV suggests that Apple HDTV is enabled for playing games and could be the death of games consoles, with one of the reasons being the fact that app developers have many more ways to earn money from a game than traditional game developers do.

If Apple should become serious about their TV project, then developers of apps could jump on the chance to become a part of what for Apple have already been a success on the Apple iPhone and iPad. So should Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo worry yet?

Of course a developer is able to create a game cheaper and easier for iOS than they would be able to do so for the Xbox or the PlayStation. Games development for these will get even harder when the next generation consoles are revealed.

If you wanted to make a game for the Xbox then you would need around $10,000, developing a game for iOS is just a fraction of this cost. Of course there are other factors, beside the cost, that would have to be taken into account.

There is also the Apple argument, as if they were to use their reserves of cash to turn Apple TV into a game delivering device and they did it right, they could become a decent competitor to the game consoles. However to replace them it would take a lot of years of marketing and Apple would have to create a new fan base.

The majority of gamers agreed that if Apple TV were to offer a games console feature then they would not move to it as they loved their consoles. I personally am in the camp of Apple as I own the Apple iPhone 5, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV and an iMac.

I also have the PS3 and wouldn’t consider moving to the Xbox and the same would apply if Apple were to move into the business of games consoles. This of course would also apply to Xbox 360 fans as people are loyal to their chosen brand and to switch they would have to have a very compelling reason.

For now let’s say that the rumours about the PS4 are true and that the console could be here for the holidays and the Xbox 720 is not released until a year later, it could be reason enough for gamers who would choose the Xbox 720 to move to the PS4.

Some people have an open mind and they go for the console that is the best. If the graphics was better on one console than another then this could be the deciding factor, with the control pad also playing an important role in their choice. Of course entertainment factors and price also play a part. Some are loyal to the brand and they won’t care about what the opposition has as they will stick to what they know.

So have you made your mind up about which of the next generation consoles you want? And what do you think about Apple TV being able to take over games consoles?

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