PS4 Won’t Let Xbox 720 Gain Any Momentum

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It’s been too long since Sony and Microsoft updated their consoles. People are now anxiously waiting for the PS4 and the Xbox 720 and it appears that a release date for the Sony PS4 has now been “given”. Michael Pachter said that Sony did not want to be one year behind the launch of the Xbox 720 with their PS4.

PS4 & Xbox 720 may share same launch window

The Xbox 360 was revealed in 2005 and the PS3 was launched one year later in 2006. This of course was a bad move on the part of Sony and they will want to ensure that this will not happen this time around.

This could mean that the two top consoles will be coming out around the same time. This would leave both companies with a fight on their hands and the Xbox 720 will not have a head start like its predecessor had previously.

Pachter said that developers had been working on games for the upcoming console for more than a year and he went on to say that people would be able to buy the console in time for Christmas next year. He gave a time frame of around October or November for the console and said that there would be price cuts on the PS3 at this time. So how might Microsoft do with the Xbox 720, as they will not have a year start?

Gamers will of course choose which console they want based on what specs they offer instead of availability. Some will stick with their current choice of platform and will just upgrade inline. One thing that is known is that if the consoles are released together it will be exciting to see the first week of sales to find out which is the more popular console.

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