PS4 & Xbox 720 May Be Cheaper Than Current Versions

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The two next generation consoles, the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox 720 are thought to be making an appearance this year at the E3, or at events of their own held by the respective companies around the same time.

Sony PS4 & Xbox 720 price talks

There have been many rumours about the specs of the next gen consoles, however until this point what hasn’t been discussed is the price tags of the consoles. In a research note sent out to investors this Monday, it was hinted that the two upcoming consoles may have price tags of around $350 to $400.

When the Xbox 360 came out in 2005 it had a price tag of $399. The PS3 came out soon after and this was in the price of $499 and $599. If this holds true then it is possible that the next gen consoles would be more affordable. This is something that could help when it comes to adoption of the PS4 and Xbox 720.

However for some gamers, rumours about the devices not supporting used games may be a step too far. It is thought that NFC will be used to tag games so that they only work with one console.

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