Sony PS4 Release Date: Here Comes The Bad News

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CES this year has brought a host of surprises to the table. These have included the Razer Edge tablet and the Project Shield handheld with the Tegra 4 tech.

Sony PS4: CES brings nothing

Sony have been one of the main names at the event and we were all expecting to hear or see something related to the PS3. After all, even Microsoft showed the IllumiRoom feature which is headed to the Xbox 720. Unfortunately all we got was the Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai, having brushed off media in relation to any talk about the PS4. Sony has been reluctant to say anything about their console and is waiting for the right time basically.

At the CES event they did manage to make an impression when they revealed their Sony Xperia flagship device, along with 4K TVs and a brand new OLED, this is said have a price drop throughout 2013, making it more affordable for consumers.

Of course all of this has meant that gaming has been at the back of their minds, while some people had thought that they might offer a teaser of the PS4 or at the very least show the Vita. This didn’t happen and one has to wonder just what the killer game of 2013 will be for the PS Vita. Sony will want to revitalise the world of 3D, when you consider that Nintendo have just revealed Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

So what about the PS4? Well it means that E3 should be the next Sony appearance and they should at least admit that the new gen console is under development. When asked for an update, the CEO said that the company doesn’t make comment on speculation or rumours. However he did say:

All of the gaming fans out there; you probably know that we don’t talk about future generation technologies until we’re ready to launch it in a big way.

So it looks like CES 2013 was a bust for PS4 fans hoping to hear about whether or not the console was coming this year or not.

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