PS4 Pro Is Classic Enough That It Hurts

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One of the biggest achievements of Sony has been the PS1, which came out in 1994 and was CD powered. This is a classic console that changed the gaming history.

Now Colorware realizes the importance of the PS1 and they are offering a package that gives the PS4 Pro a classic and nostalgic look to it.

The package means that owners of the Sony PS4 Pro are able to colour their console the same as the PS1. The controllers are also painted to match the same colour as thePS1. This custom designed console brings back so much nostalgia that there are many buyers going for it.

Colorware offers the retro styles PS4 Pro with a price tag that makes classic hurt as it comes in at $899. This price tag does include a new PS4 Pro and 1TB hard drive. Colorware said that they will only offer 12,300 versions of the PS4 Pro version of the PS1 so if you want one you better now hang around.

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