PS4 God Of War Has A Date

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Fans of the God Of War franchise were glad to see the series make a comeback when the developers showed it off at E3 a few years ago, since then, we have seen a few screenshots and trailers for the game but no date ever announced until now.

According to the latest announcement, the new God Of War game will be released on the 20th of April this year on the PlayStation 4. Unlike the last few God Of War games, we won’t be returning to Greece, instead, we will be following Kratos into the north where he will be facing Norse god.

Based on the trailer, we know that he has a family now and his son will be following him on his latest adventure. Instead of the familiar blades, Kratos will get a new battle axe this time.

Besides the standard version, there is also two collector’s edition, the first collector’s edition will cost $129 and will come with a 9inch statue of Kratos and Atreus, a steel case, cloth map, carvings and some digital content. The other collector’s edition is the Stone Mason edition which will come with all of the above and, a keychain and a Stone Mason ring. The Stone Mason edition will cost $199.

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