[PICS] PS4 Gaming: What Final Fantasy Versus XIII Looks Like On The Next Gen Console (CONCEPT)

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You may have been wondering what was happening to the Square-Enix game Final Fantasy Versus XIII. There hasn’t been anything said about it for many months, however there are now rumours that the game could be coming to the next generation console, the PS4 and it may be revealed with a different name.

Square Enix have always said that the Versus XIII project hasn’t been cancelled and no mention of the game could be down to the fact that they were working on it for release on the next generation console. The rumour has come from Neogaf, from a user who says that the game could out as Final Fantasy 15 and it may be exclusive on the PS4.

The source says that the game will come out in 2014 and should this not turn out to be true then the user said that he would delete his account on Neogaf. Square-Enix however has said that they do not make any comments on speculation and rumours.

It would be great if this were to happen and of course it might be a waste of time to bring out a game now on the PS3 when the new console is thought to be coming out before the year is out. The company are bringing out Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, so could they be holding out until the new console makes it way out?

So do you think that this is what Square-Enix has in mind? If Final Fantasy 15 is released shockwaves could be sent throughout the industry, so keep a look out for the release schedule from Square-Enix.

PS4 gameplay render

PS4 gameplay render

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