PS3: Skyrim Hearthfire & Dawnguard Hype Overdrive

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Recently we’ve seen a change in the attitude of PS3 owners towards Skyrim. Xbox 360 owners have three more DLCs than PS3 owners. PS3 owners might not have DLC packs yet, but Bethesda hasn’t let the issue drop, and so DLC packs are coming to the PS3, Dragonborn first.

Skyrim for PS3: lack of DLC doesn’t take away from awesome game

PS3 owners don’t have Dragonborn yet, or Hearthfire or Dawnguard. Dragonborn is coming soon, though. But, after playing more than 400 hours on Skyrim, I find I’ve really enjoyed it, along with many others, despite the lack of DLC.

Skyrim for PC comes with modding capacity, but it doesn’t get the DLC’s quickly enough, apparently. Xbox 360 owners get the DLC, but don’t have modding. PS3 owners have neither Dawnguard nor any other DLC, and so are the most hard done by.

So, it seems like each platform has its own gripes about Skyrim but the latter is most publicized. People need to remember that Skyrim is amazing with or without the DLC. If you’re still hanging about for DLC, think about how great Skyrim has been without it, and how much fun you’ve had right until now.

This doesn’t mean that we’re not bothered about DLC for the PS3, though – but don’t sack off your PS3 just yet. Pete Hines of Bethesda has said that he gets how PS3 owners must be feeling, and that he’d give them updates about a release date as soon as he has them.

Don’t forget, too, that there’s loads of hype around about the DLC, with ups and downs, expectation and then disappointment, over and over. It’s easy to lose perspective and act rashly.

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