Skyrim Dragonborn Review: Heads Up PS3, This One’s A Keeper

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Owners of the Xbox 360 have been playing Dragonborn for some time now and they say that it cannot be classed as an add-on. Owners of the PS3 meanwhile should brace themselves for the release of the DLC, which is expected early this year and will be the first DLC on the PS3. If you haven’t got Dragonborn for the Xbox 360 then go out and get it. As for the rest of you, check out our review.

Skyrim Dragonborn review

In Dragonborn you will see Solstheim in HD, which is the 3rd DLC for Skyrim. Solstheim was first seen in Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind and it looks a lot like Greenland, except with dragons and snow goblins.

You will begin your journey to Solstheim fighting. Two cultists set upon you and are trying to kill you. You hear them talking about Dragonborn and Miraak before killing them. On their bodies you find a note that tells you about a place called Windhelm and the fact that there is a captain there who will take you to Raven Rock. You talk to people and find out about the Temple of Miraak and the fact that Miraak wants to go back to Solstheim, which he will do by gathering the All Maker Stones and then killing the Dragonborn, you.

Do make sure this doesn’t happen you will have to undertake quests and these can be repetitive. If you want to find the six stones you will have to find plebs hitting rocks. This will tell you that you can find a stone close by. You can use the Bend Will shout and then kill everything that comes out of the rocks. You can then go onto the next stone.

As you venture through the game finding stones becomes harder as more Lurkers come along. These are similar to mind flayers that are seen in Dungeon and Dragons, so if you have played this you will have some idea as to what they look like. There are three types of these and each are deadlier than the one before.

There are numerous quests in the game and settlements that you have to find. Black Books will need deciphering along the way if you want to be able to get to Apocrypha, which is where you can find Miraak. The quests offer varying scenery, from the craggy outcrops to bridges and cathedrals which seem to float in the air. The Black Books teach you all of the words you need for the Bend Will shout and this will allow you to control mean and dragons. You will then be able to tame the dragons and ride on them. Miraak is one of the most intimidating of enemies that you will comes across and this could be thanks to the fact that he wears a mask with horns. Defeating him is not easy, however it is satisfying.

You might think that you have been there and done that when undertaking quests in the game, however there is a lot in the game and plenty of fun to be had. The DLC keeps you coming back for more, even if you don’t want to go on all of the quests.

Dragonborn is Skyrim’s best DLC to have been launched to date in my opinion. The DLC is larger than Dawnguard and Hearthfire and if you enjoy Skyrim you won’t be able to stay away from it. For PS3 owners it will certainly be well worth the wait!

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