Skyrim Dragonborn Review: PS3 Fans Should Be Glad It’s First In

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PS3 owners will be clapping their hands when Skyrim Dragonborn finally comes to their console and will be happy that the DLC is the first to be released. Owners of the Xbox 360 have had the DLC for some time and they say it is superb and more than just a DLC.

The DLC is set in Solstheim and it is now in HD. This is the third in the line-up of DLC packs and Solstheim was first seen in Blood Moon, Elder Scrolls, Morrowind. It looks very similar to Greenland without any snow goblins or dragons.

When you begin the game you are right in the middle of fighting cultists who want to kill you. You overhear them talking about Dragonborn and Miraak before killing them. You find a note that tells you to go to Windhelm as you can get a ride to Raven Rock if you head to Windhelm. You will learn all about the Temple of Miraak, he is going to take over Solstheim by way of the All Maker Stones. He then plans on killing you as you are the Dragonborn.

The quests might be repetitive but these have to be undertaken if you want to get your hands on the All Maker Stones. You will know you have found the right place when you see plebs bashing a rock. Use the Bend Will shout on the rock and you can then kill all the things that come out of the rocks before you head to the next one.

Each of these is harder to break than the one before it and you will find Lurkers along the way. If you play Dungeons and Dragons and have seen Mind Flayers you will know that Lurkers are similar. There are three different types of these and each is harder to break than the last.

As you go through the game you will find plenty of quests which take you to settlements. You will have to find Black Books and have to decipher them as they will help you to make your way to Apocrypha, where you will find Miraak. You will see rocky outcrops, cathedrals and bridges that float. When you have learnt all the Bend Will shout words you are then able to take over the control of men and dragons and then ride them. One of the worst bad guys you will come across is Miraak and he looks disturbing thanks to the horned mask.

Through the DLC you could get a feeling of being here and don’t it all before, but there is plenty of things to do in the DLC as it is very big. Dragonborn is the latest of the three DLCs but then it is larger than Dawnguard or Hearthfire. It will have you going back to Skyrim and PS3 owners will be happy that Bethesda released it first.

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