PS3 Skyrim Dragonborn Out Tomorrow But Wait, You’ll Need This First

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For owners of the PS3 the wait for Skyrim Dragonborn is over, and to make sure that everything goes well tomorrow when the DLC is released, there is an update to 1.8, which prepares your console for the new DLC.

Along with this is fixes for some bugs, including a game crash when gamers use the Vampiric grip and instances for duplicated NPCs which showed up in the Skyrim game world on the PS3.

Tomorrow is the big day for PS3 owners as it is the start of the line-up of DLCs coming out on the console. The first of which is Dragonborn, this is then followed by Hearthfire on 19th February and Dawnguard will be released on the 26th February.

There are also now budding rumors of a fourth DLC coming our way by way of Redguard. However this is unconfirmed and shouldn’t stop you from spending your cash on these 3 DLC packs first.

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