PS3 Skyrim Dragonborn Release Date: Another Status Update

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It is over a year since the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released to owners of the PS3 and still they haven’t got their hands on any of the promised DLC. Pete Hines, who is the Vice President of Bethesda said through Twitter that the company are still working to bring the DLCs to the PS3.

Update: Skyrim Dragonborn DLC for PS3

This came about thanks to a Tweet from one angry gamer who said to @DCDeacon that fans of the PS3 deserved better. He went on to say that PS3 owners kept getting the same answer that they had been given when with Dawnguard. Bethesda has since kept saying that they are working on Dawnguard, but they had committed themselves to releasing Dragonborn, but a date had not been announced just yet.

Xbox 360 fans managed to the Dragonborn DLC and Bethesda continued to say that the DLC would come to the PS3 in early 2013. When people asked why Dragonborn would be the first, the answer was that Bethesda believes that it is the best DLC for Skyrim to date and they didn’t want owners of the PS3 waiting for any longer, so they were focusing on it first.

It seems that over at the Bethesda blog they haven’t finished with news of Skyrim and they will be bringing more news out in 2013.

One owner of the PS3 asked if other DLCs would be coming to the PS3 and Bethesda said they were not finished with making content for Skyrim. They said that when they were good and ready they would give out more details.

Meanwhile owners of the Xbox 360 have been playing the DLC and they have some tips for when PS3 owners get it. If you leave Skyrim and go to Solstheim you will find the Dark Elven settlers of the town known as Raven Rock and Skaal and you will be on your way to unravelling the mystery of the return of the Dragonborn. To become the ultimate Dragonborn you will have learn new spells and shouts, of which one is the Dragon Aspect. This will allow you to conjure up the inner power of the dragon, which will then deliver colossal blows, along with helping you to strengthen shouts. There are new powers to discover as you go into the Daedric realm. You will have to collect books that have forbidden knowledge, and learn new skills and abilities. There are new dungeons to explore, creatures, weapons and much more. You will put on Bonemold and Chitin armour and hold Stalhrim weapons as you venture through the dungeons. Foes to do battle with include the Ash Spawn and Rieklings.

So it looks like the Dragonborn DLC release date for PS3 is unlikely to happen this month, otherwise we would have had a date already. Now all eyes are on February as the Bethesda blog has made it clear that they are “working” on it still.

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