PS3 Update: Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Release Date

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Bethesda said that owners of the PS3 would be getting the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC in early 2013. Gamers cannot wait to get their hands on the game as PS3 owners are quick to point out that on the back of the Skyrim box it does say that DLCs are available for the game. Three DLC packs have been released for the Xbox 360, so it is no wonder that PS3 owners are fed up of waiting.

PS3 Skyrim DLC update: Twitter chatter regarding release date, Dawnguard & Hearthfire

There has recently been an exchange of words on Twitter by Pete Hines and a PS3 owner. However the news isn’t good, it seems that Bethesda are not ready and willing to reveal any details regarding the Dragonborn DLC. Here is what Hines and Kyle Collier had to say on Twitter:

@DCDeacon when can we be expecting dragonborn on ps3 I’m so tired of this whole mess.

@Kyle_lobcity will get you a date as soon as I can.

@DCDeacon surely we deserve a bit more than that don’t you think? That’s the same answer we were getting for dawnguard. Look how that went..

@kyle_lobcity  no, we said we were still working on Dawnguard. We have committed to Dragonborn release. Just haven’t announced date yet — Pete Hines (@DCDeacon)

It seems that the reply from Collier sums up the PS3 experience with Skyrim DLCs, when he ended the exchange of words with “This is bulls—t”

Of course you cannot put all the blame on Hines. You do have to bear in mind that Bethesda have committed themselves to taking things seriously. PS3 fans have to understand why Pete Hines cannot give a release date, maybe Bethesda simply don’t have one yet.

One of the most revealing parts of the Twitter exchange happens to be when Hines admitted that Bethesda had stopped the Dawnguard project so that they could focus on Dragonborn. This puts the rumours to rest that Bethesda may have been releasing all three packs together with a reduction as way of an apology to owners of the PS3.

At the moment it doesn’t appear that Dawnguard will be coming to the PS3 anytime soon. On their blog Bethesda announced that they were releasing Dragonborn first as it was the best content and they didn’t want PS3 owners to have to wait any longer. Once the DLC has been released work will start again on Dawnguard and Hearthfire for PS3 owners.

It is understandable that owners of the PS3 are fed up of waiting, after all they have been hearing this type of thing from Bethesda before the release of Dawnguard for the Xbox 360 back in June.

Bethesda simply aren’t that good when it comes to public relations, it seems. As they disregard questions and provide information that is vague. When specific questions are asked Skyrim fans want specific answers.

One owners of the PS3 said that they were disappointed yet again while waiting for the release of the Skyrim DLC as Bethesda made it sound as though it was coming for sure but wouldn’t confirm when. The user went on to say that they had paid out the same amount of money as owners of the Xbox 360 had and yet they hadn’t been able to get one DLC. He said that he would think twice about getting another game from Bethesda.

The only semi-firm DLC for Skyrim for the PS3 is Dragonborn, which is said to be coming out in early 2013. This of course could mean anytime from now to April. For the moment all that owners of the PS3 can do is wait and wait some more.

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