PS3 Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Release Date Losing Traction

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Fans of Skyrim with the PS3 know that Dragonborn will be coming their way at some point this year, as Bethesda said that they would be releasing it early 2013. PS3 owners have been waiting to get their hands on a DLC since they bought Skyrim. They have also pointed out that on the Skyrim box it did say that DLCs would be available. When Dragonborn is released it will be the first DLC to come to the PS3, however those who own the Xbox 360 have three DLCs already.x

Skyrim Dragonborn DLC release date (PS3)

Pete Hines went on Twitter and talked to one owner of the PS3 who is far from happy about delays with the Skyrim DLCs. Owners of the PS3 will not be happy with the conversation. At the moment Bethesda are not giving out information about when PS3 owners may get the DLC. This means that we perhaps won’t see Dragonborn on the PS3 this month.

Here is the Twitter conversation.

@DCDeacon when can we be expecting dragonborn on ps3 I’m so tired of this whole mess.

@Kyle_lobcity will get you a date as soon as I can.

@DCDeacon surely we deserve a bit more than that don’t you think? That’s the same answer we were getting for dawnguard. Look how that went..

@kyle_lobcity  no, we said we were still working on Dawnguard. We have committed to Dragonborn release. Just haven’t announced date yet — Pete Hines (@DCDeacon)

The PS3 owner finished the conversation by saying “This is just bulls—t.”

Of course you cannot put all the blame on Hines and Bethesda do seem to be taking things seriously now. It seems that Hines cannot make a comment unless he has the go ahead from Bethesda, you also have to bear in mind that Bethesda may not even have a release date for the Dragonborn DLC yet. They did say that it would come out in early 2013, however this leaves it open as it could be from this month and up to April or May time.

The conversation on Twitter did reveal that Dawnguard is on hold for the time being. This has allowed Bethesda to be able to work on Dragonborn. However, this stops rumours in their tracks of the DLCs coming out together or just a few weeks apart.

Owners of the PS3 are sick and tired of hearing Bethesda say the same thing time after time. They have done this since they released Dawnguard for the Xbox 360, which was back in June.

Bethesda do need to work on their public relation skills as they disregard any direct questions and also give out information that is very vague. If you ask a specific question then of course you want an answer that is specific.

Owners of the PS3 are disappointed once again as they have to wait for Dragonborn to arrive as Bethesda said it would. It would be easier if Bethesda gave a release date as they would have something positive to look forward to. Owners of the PS3 did after all pay the same amount for Skyrim as those on the Xbox 360, however up to now there haven’t been any DLCs released.

At this moment in time the only positive news is that Dragonborn will come sometime in early 2013, however this could mean next week or just before the middle of the year. PS3 fans may not want to hold their breath waiting for the arrival of the DLC this month, thanks to the fact that in the past Bethesda have told owners of the Xbox 360 when the release of a DLC will be, two weeks ahead of that release. With January reaching mid-point and Bethesda’s lack of an update, the month looks bust.

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