PS3 Skyrim DragonBorn Exclusive To Remedy Dawnguard Fail

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Skyrim PS3 users have been having a tough time with the Elder Scrolls game. Their problems began with bad frame rate issues and then continued on with issues with the bookshelves. Then Dawnguard DLC was announced, but despite it being launched months back on Xbox 360, PS3 owners are still waiting for it.

Dragonborn exclusivivty for PS3 Skyrim to make up for Dawnguard fiasco?

There has been many gamers stating that the misery they have gone through could be alleviated if Bethesda choose to deliver a 30 day exclusive for owners of the PS3 by way of Skyrim DLC 3, also known as Dragonborn. It seems that the company may have worked out the issue to bring downloadable content to the PS3 and it would be nice if they made this offer to owners of the PS3.

An image has been posted online saying that it is in reference to the PS3 DLC issue being fixed and was found in the Skyrim 1.8 beta patch.

What gesture should they make for PS3 owners once the issues with DLC have been fixed? If Bethesda do offer an exclusive then many fans with an Xbox 360 wouldn’t be happy of course, however it would ensure that thousands who own the PS3 warm up to them and stop the boycott on certain games. So how much do Bethesda value users of the PS3?

Of course they could offer Dawnguard for free to owners of PS3 who have newer DLC, they have to do something for owners, otherwise thousands of owners will remember the issue for many years to come.

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