PS3: Skyrim Dragonborn, Dawnguard & Hearthfire Discount In Order?

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There have been a number of PS3 owners who have chosen to leave Skyrim thanks to having to wait for so long for Dawnguard to come to their platform claims Product-Reviews. However Bethesda has recently said that the Dawnguard DLC for the PS3 is inevitable.

Skyrim PS3 Dragonbron, Dawnguard & Hearthfire price discounted?

If it does come to the PS3 then it would be welcomed and the game is worth playing as the owners of the Xbox 360 will tell you after spending over 400 hours on it. Now it looks as though that the ageing Skyrim DLC will be available for the PS3 and will even possibly come with a price reduction claims the blog. The blog suggested this after Bethesda recently said that the price was “undecided”.

Bethesda have also made more promises regarding Dawnguard for the PS3 within the past 48 hours, as an update has come from the official blog regarding the release of Dragonborn. They also gave a few words about development of Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3 and they wanted to make it known that Dragonborn will come as the first DLC release to the PS3 as it is the easiest to release.

While this makes it clear that the issues with Dawnguard are larger than PS3 owners thought, Bethesda are making it clear that they plan to continue working on Dawnguard along with Hearthfire for the PS3.

When they know the price details and the release date these will be given for Skyrim Dawnguard and Hearthfire, however at this moment these are not known. So owners of the PS3 can relax knowing that the DLCs will come out at some point, but will they still want it? The price tag may be easy when you consider that we know what it costs for the Xbox 360 along with PC. Bethesda will be working out the price with a discount being very likely, considering just how long owners of the PS3 have been waiting for the game. Or so we hope.

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