No PS3 Skyrim DLC: Look At The Bright Side

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The last few weeks have seen a sea change in the attitude towards Skyrim on the PS3. While the Xbox 360 Skyrim is now a full 3 DLCs ahead of PS3 owners, PS3 owners should be thrilled to know that Bethesda hasn’t given up and they are coming your way as well, with Dragonborn first to bat next year.

No DLC for PS3 Skyrim fans yet isn’t as bad as it sounds

Skyrim on the PS3 doesn’t have Hearthfire, Dragonborn or Dawnguard yet, and it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Hearthfire or Dawnguard will be here anytime soon. Despite this, after 350 hours on Skyrim for the PS3, I’m really happy with it, and so are lots of others.

Skyrim for the PC has lots of DLC and mods, but a lot of PC owners complain that they don’t get DLC fast enough. Xbox 360 owners get the DLC, but don’t have the mods. Skyrim players over on the PS3 don’t have Dawnguard, any other DLC, and feel left out.

So, each platform has a gripe about Skyrim, it seems. The basic fact is, though, that the game is very, very good, even without DLC. You get hundreds of hours of play even without new DLC, and you can’t argue with value for money like that.

Skyrim has delivered the goods without the DLC, but many have forgotten this due to repeatedly being let down by DLC hype falling through. If you’re waiting for Dawnguard, Dragonborn or Hearthfire and are feeling a bit cheated, just remember how much fun you’ve had with Skyrim without these DLCs.

This doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t like to see the DLC fast on the PS3, but we’re not about to trade our PS3 in for the Xbox 360s just yet. Pete Hines of Bethesda tweeted recently that he understood how PS3 owners must be feeling, and that as soon as he was able, he’d let them know where they stand in regards to a specific release date.

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