PS3 Skyrim Dawnguard & Heathfire DLC Overhype

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Over the past few weeks we have seen many changes when it comes to the attitude for Skyrim for PS3. Owners of the Xbox 360 are ahead of PS3 owners when it comes to DLCs, by three. However while PS3 owners have not got the DLC packs, there is a bright side in that Bethesda have not given up on PS3 owners and the DLC packs are coming, with Dragonborn being the first.

Skyrim for PS3: still an awesome game, DLC or not

PS3 owners don’t have Hearthfire, Dragonborn or Dawnguard; and Hearthfire and Dawnguard don’t seem to be coming anytime soon unlike Dragonborn. Nevertheless after playing some 350 hours on Skyrim on the PS3 I have enjoyed it and so have many others DLC or not.

Skyrim on the PC comes with modding capabilities, however the DLCs don’t come quick enough, according to owners. Owners of the Xbox 360 get the DLC packs, but they lack mods. Owners of the PS3 have neither Dawnguard nor any other DLC and of course they are feeling left out the most because of this.

As you can see, it looks like owners of each platform have something to gripe about when it comes to Skyrim. However people may wish to bear in mind that Skyrim is superb even without DLCs. So if you are waiting to get your hands on the DLC, then just think back to how great Skyrim has been so far without it, and how much fun you had playing it all this while before there were even talks about these DLCs.

Of course this does not mean that people wouldn’t like to see DLCs on the PS3, however you shouldn’t stray from the PS3 just yet. Pete Hines did say that he knew how owners of the PS3 would be feeling, and as soon as he could, he would give them details over a specific release date.

With the hype over DLCs being publicized so immensely and sending games on a roller coaster ride of emotions, it is easy to get carried away after all.

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