PS3 Skyrim Dawnguard & Hearthfire DLC Bargain Prices Hinted

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While the Dragonborn DLC may hit the PS3 any day now, Dawnguard and Hearthfire are going to be coming in very late.

PS3: Skyrim Dawnguard & Hearthfire DLC may attract discounts early

In fact, there are already rumors that Bethesda are working on two more Skyrim DLC packs before moving on to a sequel, and these could already hit the spotlight before PS3 sees Dawnguard or Hearthfire.

Now earlier this week, we saw the Xbox 360 Games On Demand offer the Dawnguard and Hearthfire at 50 percent off. They even put the actual game up with a decent discount. Dragonborn remained at its usual price point. This has brought up an interesting rumor, that both the Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC packs will be available at a discount for PS3 users from launch. Why? Because it is coming in so late.

While these are just rumors at the moment, it does make sense. Even if PS3 users will likely jump on these expansions discount or not, they do deserve some compensation for all this waiting. And there are even clues that Bethesda is considering it as they did state that pricing remains undecided at this point.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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