PS3 Skyrim: What DLC’s After Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn?

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As we inch closer to 2013, there is some good news for PS3 fans. Bethesda has promised that PS3 users will see the Dragonborn DLC arrive for Skyrim sometime in January. The developer has made it very clear that we will also see Dawnguard and Hearthfire on the PS3 but that Dragonborn is here first as it was the easiest of DLCs to release for the Sony console.

PS3 Skyrim: what DLC is coming after Dawnguard, Hearhtfire & Dragonborn?

With Xbox 360 users already enjoying all 3 DLCs and Bethesda having worked out the kinks with the PS3 platform hence why the first DLC is right round the corner, the next big question is what can we expect after? Will there be a new Skyrim game or more DLCs? Most bets are on the latter at this time.

The reason is that Bethesda appear to be following a pattern where we are seeing 5 expansions with every Skyrim game before a sequel is launched. So now that we’ve seen Dawnguard, Hearthfire & Dragonborn, there may be two more coming our way before Skyrim 6 is in the cards.

So what can we expect in the fourth Skyrim DLC? The folks over at TapScape suggest that we may finally see one focused on Thalmor. A fight with them is inevitable and hence it may be the perfect grounds for an expansion. Now TS does state that they don’t mean a full blown war across all maps with this expansion, but more of a “rebellion”.

What do you think the fourth and fifth Skyrim DLC may be based on?


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