PS3 Dragonborn Release Date Finally Confirmed, Ends Rumors

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After weeks of speculation regarding what Bethesda could mean when they said that the PS3 Dragonborn DLC release would happen sometime in early 2013, we finally have a firmer release date.

PS3 Skyrim Dragonborn release date set for inside February

Bethesda announced today that the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC would be available for the PS3 in February. What is even more surprising is that the company said both Dawnguard and Hearthfire would be available in the same month too.

To add to all this sudden excitement from the news, PS3 Skyrim fans will also enjoy a 50% discount on all three DLC packs. So if you were worried that the sudden emergence of DLC packs would break your piggy bank, you’re still covered for getting two for the price of one (you may need to save up for the latter in the month that follows).

So for now it looks like PS3 fans can rest easy as they will be getting the same Skyrim enjoyment that Xbox 360 fans have had all this time. I guess we underestimated Bethesda as it looks like they did manage to deliver after all.

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