PS3: Dragonborn, Hearthfire & Dawnguard Out Feb 12, 19 & 26

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Skyrim fans on the PS3 can rejoice and their patience has paid off finally as the three DLCs for Skyrim can be marked on the calendar.

The Bethesda Blog has announced that Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, along with the 1.8 title update have all been cleared by the SCEA. The company revealed information that PS3 owners have been waiting a very long time to hear.

However owners of the PS3 in Europe could have to continue waiting a while as Bethesda have not given out information about the DLC release in other parts of the globe.

The Skyrim DCLs have been out on the Xbox 360 for some time, leaving PC and PS3 owners waiting. Porting the content over to the PS3 has been difficult and Bethesda said they would reveal the DLCs following a delay.

In December of last year the team focused on Dragonborn, which is the last of the three DLCs in the series, and put this ahead of the others for owners of the PS3. In a statement Bethesda said.

“We’re hard at work to make this content available early next year on PS3 and PC. On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to ‘Dragonborn,’ as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer.

“Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on ‘Hearthfire’ and ‘Dawnguard’ for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC. Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know.”

Bethesda has now revealed that Dragonborn will be coming to the PS3 on 12th February, Hearthfire will follow on the 19th February and Dawnguard will be out on 26th February. So not much longer to wait now.

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