PS3 Black Ops 2 1.05 Patch Desperation

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There are some problems that need a fix in the Black Ops 2 patch 1.05 for the PS3, there has been confirmation that the console continues to experience freezing and crashing for some of the owners of the PS3.

PS3 Black Ops 2 1.05 patch still bugs PS3 users

Product-Reviews reports that their PS3 crashed after just one hour, and on another day it lasted just 10 minutes. This happened during a review of the game and only a hard reset was able to remedy it. People thought that the patch would fix things for the game however this hasn’t been the case, according to the amount of emails from readers they have received.

When you have to reset the console a few times daily, it is not the best experience and of course it could damage the hard drive.

So what would you like to be fixed with the patch 1.05 for Black Ops 2? Is there one big issue that really bugs you with the game which needs fixing?

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