Prey Will Have More For PS4 Pro Players

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Players that tried to play the new Prey game on the Playstation 4 Pro would have quickly realized that they did not get any extra features or enhancement on the new console describe the box saying that the game supports PS4 Pro.

Well, it looks like they will finally be getting something with this new update. According to the reports, the latest update, the 1.04 update will give the game some extra texture and shadows along with a whole list of upgrades to improve the gaming experience of the PS4 Pro users.

While it is nice to know that PS4 Pro is finally getting some love from the developers of Prey, some fans were still disappointed as the update came 1 month after the release and many of them would have already completed the game.

You can check out the video below to see the difference between the standard game and the enhanced PS4 Pro version.

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