Predator: Hunting Ground Update Detailed

Predator: Hunting Ground might still be new but it was clear from the start that there are a few crucial issues with the game. Luckily, the developer is working to get it fixed as soon as possible with an update.

Update 1.05 will come with a few important fixes mainly for UI and AI. The update will be split into four categories. Some of the fixes include customization items where it was constantly showed as new. There were also fixes for matchmaking, collision, and objectives issues. The predator will also get its thermal vision updated.

With Predator: Hunting Ground, one player will control the Predator while the remaining players will have to complete a mission all while trying not to get killed by the Predator. You can check out the full patch note for the game on their website to see if some of the issues you have been facing were fixed.