Potential Volvo S90 Polestar Sounds Like A Joke To BMW M5

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The BMW M5 is treating the Polestar Volvo S90/V90 as a joke due to the fact that it may only offer up 500 horses and not the 600 horses that have been quoted. Of course the M5 offers up at least 560 horses, so it may be qualified to laugh.

The Volvo S90 and V90 are the flagship models of the company and for a long time it has been said that they would get the Polestar treatment and would come with lots of power.

Volvo has said that they will offer the S90 and V90 Polestar versions and it was rumoured that they might offer as much as 600 horses. While this could be possible, it isnt very likely and more likely is around 500 horses, which would put it behind the BMW M5 and its 560 ponies.

It is thought that the S90 and V90 Polestar versions would have the inline-four cylinder engine and be supercharged along with turbocharged. This would mean that it would offer around 450 horses. If they were going to reach the 600 horses that have been rumoured then they would need the T8 Twin-engine hybrid system.

If they don’t then we expect that the S90 and V90 Polestar versions are only going to offer 500 horses and this would put them behind the BMW M5 and leave the M5 laughing at them.

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