Portal 3 Won’t Be The Same Even If It Arrives

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Despite the long break, the game still has a huge following and fans never stop hoping that Valve would one day make a third instalment of the game just so they can tie up all the loose end that the second game left.

Fans felt like they were left hanging when Valve decided not to create a third game after the questionable ending of the second game. Although Valve has not said that they are not going to make a third instalment, most people believe that that is the case.

Of course, Valve can always pick the game back up anytime but even if they do, the game will never be the same again not only because so much time has past but because most of the key people that were working on the game are now longer at Valve.

Erik Wolpaw was one of the last to leave and with him gone, do don’t think Portal will ever be the way it is ever again.

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