Portal 3 Stands A Better Chance Compared To Half Life 3

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Many gamers have given up on Half Life 3 as it does look that despite the cliff hanger ending of the previous game, Valve are not going to go back to the story as they are focusing more on multiplayer online games like Dota 2.

The same may be said when it comes to Portal 3. Valve hasn’t made it known that there is going to be a Portal 3 game. Should Valve decide that they want to revisit the old gamers Portal 3 could stand a much better chance of being the one that is chosen. We say this due to the fact that Gabe Newell prefers the game over Half Life.

Newell was recently asked which of the two games he preferred and he said Portal. He went on to say that he had played a big role in developing Half Life so it was easy for him to see the mistakes and flaws made with the game and so he likes Portal better.

Of course just because he said this doesn’t mean that we are going to see Portal 3 come our way, or Half Life 3.

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