Portable HTC Vive Coming, Don’t Get Excited

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The HTC Vive might not be a big and bulky device but it is not exactly portable either. If you want to play it anywhere else other than your own pc, you will have to carry the controllers, sensor and the headset.

After hearing what their customers have to say, HTC has announced that they will be offering a new Htc Vive called the Vive Standalone. We still don’t know much about the device but it is believed that the device will come as a standalone model which means we might not need the PC, wires or all the other devices.

Of course, that probably means that it will be a lower spec device but some people might prefer it due to its portability. Sadly, the device will only launch exclusively in China.

Some people believe that HTC will eventually release it in the other market but HTC has not announced anything yet.

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