Porsche Still Not Out Of The Water Yet

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When it was reported that Audi might have cheated on their emission test, Porsche quickly denied that they had any wrongdoing but they are not out of the water yet as KBA announces that they are looking into some of the Porsche models right now.

Although Porsche denied it, KBA is investigating some of their models to see if Porsche did use a system that uses the steering inputs to cheat. The system is different from what Volkswagen was using but it is still a cheat.

KBA announce that the affected cars would emit excess nitrogen oxide when the steering input is 15 degrees or more. 15 degrees is not that much which means the vehicle are emitting excess nitrogen oxide most of the time.

So far, Porsche has managed to stay clear of all the scandal so this could be a big blow to their reputation if it is proven to be true. Audi has already recalled their A7 and A8 to get the issue fix.

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